Overseas Student Health Cover is crucial for Australia as it is become a favored destination for international students looking to continue their studies. Home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, what sets it apart from other countries is the vast selection of courses that it provides. However, studying abroad can be expensive and many students find themselves struggling with costs like tuition fees, accommodation and more.

To help these students out, Australia has a number of scholarships that are available to international students. With them, these individuals can pursue their academic ambitions without having to worry about financial constraints.

Overseas Student Health Cover

Why do International Students Need OSHC in Australia?

International students studying in Australia must meet OSHC as part of their student visa requirements. Without it, international students will not be granted a student visa to study here. OSHC also plays an essential role in helping international students pay for medical treatment while they’re here; medical treatments in Australia can be quite expensive without this coverage, leaving many without enough funds to cover these expenses. With OSHC, these costs will be shared amongst everyone involved – helping keep everyone healthy while studying abroad!

OSHC guarantees international students access to medical care when it is needed. This is especially crucial, as international students may be more vulnerable to health issues due to climate changes, lifestyle shifts, and exposure to new environments. OSHC covers any necessary medical treatment, hospitalization fees, as well as emergency ambulance services if required.

Selecting the Most Beneficial OSHC Provider

In Australia, there are numerous OSHC providers to choose from and it can be difficult to pick one that meets all your needs. When making your choice, factor in factors like coverage, cost and waiting periods when making your decision.

Coverage: Confirm the coverage provided by an OSHC policy is essential. Make sure to review what is included, such as doctor consultations, hospitalization and emergency ambulance services; additionally, look into any exclusions or limitations on this coverage.

Cost: OSHC policies come at a variety of prices, so it is essential to factor this into account when selecting a provider. By comparing policies from various providers, you can find the most cost-effective option available.

Waiting Periods: Waiting periods are the durations that must elapse before certain benefits of a policy can be claimed. As these vary among providers, it’s essential to check the waiting period associated with your coverage requirement.

Some OSHC providers provide additional benefits like 24-hour helpline, access to online medical advice and discounts on certain services. These can be valuable assets that should be taken into account when selecting an OSHC provider.

In 2019-2020, over 617,000 international students held an OSHC policy while studying in Australia.

According to a survey by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, 91% of international students in Australia held OSHC in 2019.

The average cost of OSHC for a single international student in 2021 was $618 for a 12-month policy.

The majority of international students with OSHC policies in 2019-2020 were from China, India, Nepal, Vietnam, and Brazil.

Benefits of Purchasing OSHC through ACTEDUVISA

ACTEDUVISA is a service that assists international students in finding the ideal OSHC provider. There are numerous advantages to buying OSHC through ACTEDUVISA, such as:

Cost-effective: ACTEDUVISA provides OSHC policies at competitive prices, saving international students money on their policy.

Easy to Use: ACTEDUVISA has a user-friendly website where international students can compare OSHC policies, purchase policies and renew policies online with ease.

Support: ACTEDUVISA provides support to international students throughout their policy period. They assist with claims, policy renewals and any queries or worries that students may have.

Additional Benefits: Some OSHC policies provided through ACTEDUVISA include additional advantages like dental and optical coverage, which may be advantageous to international students.

Affordable OSHC Options for International Students in Australia

Finding an affordable OSHC policy is essential when studying abroad. When looking into affordable policies, take into account their coverage details, waiting periods and any additional benefits offered.

One way to locate affordable OSHC options is by comparing policies from various providers. This can be done either by visiting the websites of various OSHC providers or using comparison websites. Comparison websites are especially beneficial as they enable international students to quickly review policies from multiple providers in one convenient place.

Another way to find budget-conscious OSHC options is by considering policies with a longer waiting period. While these may offer lower upfront costs, it’s essential that you factor in the duration of coverage before selecting one policy.

Some OSHC providers provide policies with additional benefits like dental and optical coverage. Although these may be more costly, these plans may be ideal for international students who require extra medical services.