Best Degrees to Study in Australia for International Students in 2024

Hey there, globetrotting student! Are you dreaming of sun-kissed beaches, koala cuddles, and a top-notch education? Fasten your seatbelts because Australia, with its vibrant cities and world-class universities, is calling your name!

But before you pack your boomerang and surfboards, let’s crack the code on the best degrees to study in Australia to land you a job and maybe even permanent residency in this Aussie wonderland.

Benefits of Studying in Australia

Choosing the right degree is like picking the perfect travel buddy – it’ll shape your journey and make the adventure all the more fun. But for international students like you, it’s also about opening doors to a brighter future.

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Australia gets that, offering excellent education and potential pathways to permanent residency. Think of it as a two-in-one deal – a degree that unlocks your career aspirations and lets you call this paradise home.

Beyond the Beach: Job Opportunities in Australia

Australia’s economy is booming, with thriving industries like technology, healthcare, and education constantly looking for skilled professionals.

Don’t just take my word for it! Imagine this: you graduate with a degree in computer science, and BAM! You’re coding your way through exciting tech startups in Melbourne.

Or, picture yourself graduating with a nursing degree caring for patients in Sydney’s bustling hospitals. Pretty awesome.

Finding Your Perfect Match: Popular Courses and Key Considerations

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What courses are hot in Australia? Think IT and computer science – the digital world is craving your expertise! Business and management are always in demand, whether you’re a born leader or a budding entrepreneur.

And if you’re the kind who loves building things (literally!), engineering might be your calling. Of course, the healthcare sector is always a safe bet, with medicine and rehabilitation degrees offering fulfilling careers and excellent job prospects.

But choosing your degree isn’t just about following the trend. It’s about finding something that sets your soul on fire! Ask yourself: what are you passionate about? What skills do you want to hone? And most importantly, what kind of impact do you want to make on the world? Remember, your degree is your passport to a fulfilling career, so choose wisely!

Top 10 Most Employable Degrees in Australia for 2024

#10 Nursing

  • The percentage of graduates who have secured full-time jobs is 82.6%.
  • Example Degrees: Bachelor of Nursing (ACU, WSU, UC, UNE, UON, UTS, USYD)

Overview: By pursuing a Nursing degree, you become a trusted healthcare professional, impacting community health. The program offers diverse specializations, from critical care to mental health, preparing you for various career paths.

Nursing degrees often include placement programs for real-world experience, opening doors to roles in pharmaceuticals, clinical research, trauma care, and more.

#9 Agriculture and Environmental Studies

  • The percentage of graduates who have secured full-time jobs is 83.3%.
  • Example Degrees: Bachelor of Agriculture (UQ, CSU, UNE), Bachelor of Environmental Science (Deakin, Griffith, CQU), Bachelor of Environmental Management (UWA, USC)

Overview: Agriculture and Environmental Studies degrees equip graduates to tackle sustainability challenges. Focused on sustainable agriculture and resource management, these programs foster skills in sustainability principles, research, and policy development. Career opportunities include sustainable agriculture, wildlife conservation, and environmental consultancy roles.

#8 Business and Management

  • The percentage of graduates who have secured full-time job positions is 84.2%.
  • Example Degrees: Bachelor of Accounting (UNE, UTS, Monash), Bachelor of Business (WSU, Monash, UTS, Griffith)

Overview: Business and Management degrees offer versatile financial management skills, highly sought after in today’s economy. From accounting to strategic planning, graduates can work in corporate finance, business management, and market analysis. Co-op programs often provide internships and career opportunities, enhancing employability.

#7 Dentistry

  • The percentage of graduates who have secured full-time jobs is 86.6%.
  • Example Degrees: Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Dental Medicine (USYD), Bachelor of Dental Science (CSU)

Overview: While limited in availability, dentistry degrees provide immediate professional recognition. Focused on teeth and oral health, these programs offer practical experience with dental equipment. With a duration of 5-7 years, Dentistry is among the most employable degrees, requiring no GAMSAT for admission.

#6 Teacher Education

  • The percentage of graduates who have secured full-time employment is 86.7%.
  • Example Degrees: Bachelor of Education (Primary) (ACU, MQ, WSU, UQ), Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (MQ, UNSW, UQ)

Overview: Teacher Education degrees empower graduates to shape young minds. With placements in schools, students gain practical experience, preparing them for roles in government and non-government schools. The degree offers the chance to inspire inquiry and support young students’ learning.

#5 Engineering

  • The percentage of graduates who secured full-time jobs is 87.5%.
  • Example Degrees: Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)/Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (UNSW), Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) (UON)

Overview: Engineering degrees blend innovation, creativity, and scientific knowledge. Graduates with specializations like fluid mechanics and aerospace engineering can work in defence, transport, urban development, and more. Numerous career opportunities balance the extensive duration.

#4 Veterinary Science

  • The percentage of graduates who secured a full-time job is 89.9%.
  • Example Degrees: Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (USYD), Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences (LTU)

Overview: Veterinary Science degrees cover diverse areas like biotechnology and animal physiology. Hands-on study opportunities and internships prepare graduates for roles as veterinarians, biosecurity researchers, and reproductive technologists.

#3 Medicine

  • The percentage of graduates who have secured a full-time job is 93.0%.
  • Example Degrees: Bachelor of Medical Science (MQ, UTS, ANU), Doctor of Medicine (USYD, UNE, UNSW, WSU)

Overview: Medical degrees deepen understanding of the human body and disease processes. Admission can be competitive, requiring a high ATAR/IB and GAMSAT result. Graduates pursue careers in immunology, genetics, and physiotherapy, contributing to improved health.

#2 Pharmacy

  • The percentage of graduates who have secured a full-time job is 96.2%.
  • Example Degrees: Bachelor of Pharmacy (CSU, UON, USYD, QUT, UQ, Monash)

Overview: Pharmacy degrees combine scientific knowledge with practical skills, preparing graduates for roles as community and hospital pharmacists. Clinical placements and professional accreditation enhance skills, making graduates essential to healthcare.

#1 Rehabilitation

  • The percentage of graduates who have secured a full-time job is 96.5%.
  • Example Degrees: Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) (USYD), Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (ACU, WSU, UON, SCU, UQ, Monash)

Overview: Rehabilitation degrees enable graduates to assist individuals with impairments. Practical study in areas like exercise physiology leads to careers as occupational therapists, rehabilitation consultants, and strength and conditioning specialists. With a high employability rate, Rehabilitation offers diverse career opportunities.

Degrees with Declining Employability

Certain degrees in the dynamic labour market experience fluctuations in demand and job prospects. Here’s a list of courses currently facing declining employability:

1. Tourism, Hospitality, Personal Services, Sport, and Recreation

  • Employed Graduates: 82.1%

2. Humanities, Culture, and Social Sciences

  • Employed Graduates: 81.7%

3. Science and Mathematics

  • Employed Graduates: 81.5%

4. Creative Arts

  • Employed Graduates: 78.2%

5. Computing and Information Systems

  • Employed Graduates: 77.5%

Finding Top Universities and Best Degrees to Study in Australia

Australia boasts some of the world’s top universities, each with unique strengths and specialties. Do your research, attend virtual open days, and connect with current students to get the inside scoop! Finding the right university is just as important as choosing the right degree.

The Takeaway: Conquering the Aussie Job Market with Your Degree

So, globetrotter, are you ready to conquer the Land Down Under with your degree as your weapon? Here’s a quick recap to keep you on track:

1. Choose a degree that ignites your passion: Remember, your degree is your launchpad to a fulfilling career, so choose something you truly love and excel at.

2. Align your degree with job market demands: Research popular courses and industries with high demand in Australia. IT, healthcare, business, and engineering are always safe bets.

3. Explore permanent residency options: Certain degrees can fast-track your path to permanent residency in Australia. Choose wisely and unlock your long-term dreams.

4. Find your dream university: Research top universities, attend virtual open days, and connect with current students to find the perfect academic fit.

5. Embrace the Aussie job market: Network with professionals, attend industry events, and showcase your skills. Your Aussie degree is your key to unlocking exciting career opportunities.

Bonus Tip: Remember, Australia isn’t just about the beaches and barbecues (although those are pretty awesome, too!). Dip yourself in the rich culture, explore hidden gems, and make lifelong friends. Your Aussie experience is more than just a degree – an adventure waiting to unfold.

So, pack your bags, grab your surfboard (or your laptop, if coding is more your thing), and prepare to conquer Australia! This incredible land awaits with open arms and endless possibilities. Just remember, the most essential ingredient is your passion and determination. Now, go out there and make your Aussie dream a reality!

Remember, this is just the beginning of your journey. Australia awaits exploration, and your degree is your passport to a brighter future. So, go forth, conquer, and make every moment count!